Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Impatiently Learning Patience

A year and a half ago, we decided to sell our home in Sandy, Utah.  We lived in that house for nearly 4 years and although we loved the spectacular mountain views, the flat streets, the proximity to the elementary school and our amazing ward, we never felt fully planted there.  We sort of always felt that we had another move left before we found "The" house where our family would grow up.  So, off and on, we were on the look-out for the perfect neighborhood and home.

But in the winter of 2009, when Romney decided to quit his job due to lack of funding, we found ourselves with a decision to make.  We realized that one way we could maximize our savings and stretch our money would be to sell our house and then temporarily move our family into a home that we have owned as a rental property.  All this was going to happen until Romney was able to find stable employment.  It felt like the right thing to do.  We got the house ready and despite the stagnant and depreciating Salt Lake housing market, we got a great offer 5 weeks after the sign went in the yard. (Can someone say phew?!!)

We moved our little family into this home that over the years has been a thorn in our side.  We have always regretted this investment and it has had more problems that you can imagine.  (At one point we were convinced the house was cursed...it isn't...even though it was struck by lightning...)  Despite our temporary arrangement, we found refuge from our storm in that house.  We quickly adjusted to our new, but temporary lives. 

Then 15 months after Romney quit, a new and great job offer came and here we are in Denver in another temporary housing situation...our lease is up next month.  I find myself longing to plant my feet.  Our lives have felt temporary for a while now.  However, now that the time is nearly here to buy a home and plant my family, I find myself wanting to take it slowly.  I find myself needing to be P.A.T.I.E.N.T. 

A lot is riding on this move for my kids.  Do I really want to rock the boat for them again??  We need to get it right, so I am going to take my time to do just that.  Although I am DYING to be in a house where I can actually unpack all the boxes and in a house where it will feel like our own with our family photos hanging on the walls and where the kids will actually want to hang out with their friends, a lot is riding on this decision.  So...I will continue to impatiently... I mean...patiently wait to put up a, "Welcome Home Sign."

I am reminding myself to be grateful and more importantly to "grow where I am planted."  Patience.

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