Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am a big believer that there is power in a hug.  Sometimes when Romney gets home, I tell him that I just need his hug.  Feeling his strong arms around me for just a second completely re-energizes me and gives me the ability to refocus.  There is something so strengthening about being pulled in and embraced.

I have thought a lot about the coming year and what the future holds.  I have decided that if there is one word that will help me get the most out of whatever is in store, that word would be "Embrace."

Sometimes I find that my execution in all aspects of life is done with straight arms.  I can execute, but how often do I embrace the tasks I am given?

I want this year to be different.  I want to embrace my role as a mom.  I want my kids to feel that I am available and eager to be there for them.

I want to embrace the ages of my kids.  I am shocked how quickly their childhood is beginning to fade.  How many times did I complain when they were younger and being obnoxious and pooping and crying and whining and making messes?  My heart pangs a little as I realize that those days also represented a time when they were dependent, believing, needy and mine.  There was joy in that journey too.

I want to embrace my callings and responsibilities in my church.  So many times I find that my ability to give is also with arms out straight.  I give just enough to do my job, but without embracing those callings, I fear that I am robbing myself of the joy that comes from giving with my whole heart.

Lastly, I want to embrace the relationships in my life.  I am fortunate to have great and inspiring people who surround me.  I am determined to embrace and cherish those relationships better.

2011 Blank Canvas...Embrace Life
I need to remember that to embrace requires more...  

Here's to 2011 and the chance to start anew.

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  1. Good luck with all the embracing! I love your blog header. Happy New Year!


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