Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Blast of Inspiration for...My Pantry

My older sister Marisa is in the process of redecorating her basement.  One of her kids flushed a garland down the toilet over the Christmas break...yep, a garland.  Let's just say that it did some damage to the sewage pipes and the flood pretty much ruined every surface in her basement.  Although it was a huge pain going through that Christmastime of course...she has been able to get new carpet, baseboards, paint, etc.  She is  looking for some fun new ideas for her kid's playroom, toy solutions, etc.

I jumped at the opportunity to help her come up with some ideas.  (Since I can't decorate my own, I should at least have fun dreaming up doing the space for someone else right?)  I have been peeking at different websites and blogs for inspiration.  I am blown away by the talent of so many women out there.  Ordinary woman who have created extraordinary homes. (By the way, what is the deal with so many of these bloggers being Mormon?)

One of my favorite inspiration sites of late is Centsational Girl.  This girl is amazing.  Her ideas are so practical and refreshing.  She did a guest spotlight on her post yesterday.  A girl from a blog called House Smiths. If you want to be inspired check out her guest post.  Here is just a sample of what she did in her pantry.  I am dying over this.

Photo from House of Smith

Photo from House of Smith

Are you kidding me??  Wow.  I love how the internet and more importantly blogging has opened the window to thousands of ideas of inspiration.   I get to take a peek into someone's Martha-esque house...a stranger no less...and I never even have to leave my own computer.  Pretty amazing.

Back to the playroom ideas.  I got distracted.  Marisa, I'll try and get some more ideas after I stop drooling over this pantry...


  1. I hope you have a label maker!

  2. I have seen this pantry before...I love it too!

  3. i have seen this pantry too... so in love! i am shamefully so addicted to blogging i love, love all the inspiration that is out there! i have a folder designated for playroom inspiration...just in case by a miracle we ever have a house with a playroom in it.


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