Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Month of Birthdays

I always thought it would be fun to have my babies in the spring, so when their birthdays all ended up within 5 weeks between April and May, I couldn't imagine why that would not have been great idea.  Well, every year this 5 week birthday marathon about kills me off, but May is almost over and we survived.  We ate plenty of cake, opened too many presents and we soaked up every second of it.

Here are some highlights of our annual May Birthday Marathon:

Lauren's 10th Birthday

My darling Lauren turned 10.  I can hardly believe it.  This year for her birthday, all she wanted was go to the mall with her cousin Cora. I put together a mall scavenger hunt for them.  The girls had a great time. Lauren continues to be a total joy to us and her huge personality puts a smile on our faces everyday. 

Sophie's 5th Birthday

My baby turned 5.  (I am freaking out a little about that...I am definitely turning into a big mom).  Although I will never complain about the fact that I don't have to change poopy diapers, nurse, be pregnant, potty train or deal with no sleep, I did love every second of that phase, so it is weird to think that it is over for me.  But, Sophie is a delight and has promised me that she will always be my baby.

Here is Sophie on the morning of her 5th birthday.  We always have the kids go on a hunt to find their presents right when they wake up.  They love it.


Christian's 7th Birthday

My sweet Christian is 7.  His squinty eyes, the skinniest legs I have ever seen and his amazingly sweet compliments continue to melt my heart.  What a delight he is.


Whew, I am tired.  Although the warm weather has yet to show up, summer is officially here...but no rest for me.  We move in 2 weeks.  Although I have emotionally freaked out at least 30.5 times about our home purchase, I think we are ready. Bring it!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I have never really been a fan of U2.  {Warning...the following childhood story might be offensive to U2 fans.}  When I was in 8th grade, I was so unimpressed with the overly popular U2 song "With or Without You" that I actually convinced my classmates to change the theme song for the 8th grade dance to the Kenny Loggin's song, "Meet Me Half Way." {I know...I am sorry U2 fans...but I did warn you.}

Romney on the other hand has loved U2 since he was in 7th grade.  He still vividly remembers where he was and pretty much what he was wearing the first time he heard their music and he knew that the unique sound of a little quartet from Dublin had changed his life.

Well...I confess that after Romney took me to the U2 concert on Saturday night, I get it.  U2 pretty much rules the rock world.  Wow is all I can say!!

We had general admission tickets and stood about 20 feet away from the stage.  It was spectacular.

Denver Post Photo

 The opening act was The Fray.  They sounded incredible live.

Denver Post Photo

Then U2 took the stage.  It was amazing.  Romney kept laughing at me for saying this, but I was shocked when I realized that there were only 4 people in the band.  How can only 4 people create that sound???

Bono was such a cool guy.  He ruled the stage and his swagger was so great.  How many 50+ year old men can get away with that?

Denver Post Photo

Denver Post Photo

Denver Post Photo

This was taken with my phone.  We were this close.  Amazing.
It is nice to grow up.  Thank you Romney for helping me acquire a taste for U2.  (I think he is glad that I didn't try to convince him to save our money and buy tickets to a Kenny Loggin's concert instead.  I am pretty sure it would have been a much different experience).

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

I turned 38 yesterday.  Romney was feeling pretty bad that he has had to work so much and his plans to take me to Denver for the weekend fell through.  He was worried that I was going to have a dumb birthday.  He was wrong.

We put an offer on a home...(we feel a little bad that we gave a low ball offer...well okay, not that bad...), but our offer was accepted and we move into this home in a month!!  "Welcome Home" is almost a realty!!

I told Romney that it is going to be a little hard to compete with this present in the future, but I told him that he can of course still try...(just kidding).

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Idea of Pets

My kids are dying for a pet.  I know that animals are fun, but I also think they are really dumb.  Every once in a while, I think a pet might be fun, but then I think of what is associated with a pet, namely: poop, hair, stinky food, need bathing, need walking, and worst of all, they like to be touched. Yuck.

With that in mind, this is a conversation that Lauren and I had not too long ago:

Lauren: "Mom, what is your favorite kind of animal?"

Alecia: "A Stuffed Animal."

Lauren: "Besides a stuffed animal, what is your other favorite kind of animal?:

Alecia:  "A Crystal Animal."

Lauren: "Mom, besides a crystal or stuffed animal, what is your favorite kind of animal?"

Alecia: "A Photo of an Animal."

I know.  I am lame, but after the past few weeks, I think I will have a new reply to her frequently asked question.

 "Mom, can we have a pet?"  

My new answer:
 "Yes.....you can "have" the pet baby bunnies that live under our front porch!"

Perfect. :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

M is for the Many Things She Gave Me...

I have an amazing Mom.  

3 Favorite Childhood Memories of My Mom Include:
-Always there when I got home from school
-Forcing...I mean encouraging us to get a suntan
-Introducing us to classic movies & books

3 Favorite Teenage Memories of My Mom:
-My closest friend and advocate
-Never mad when I sluffed...I mean came home "between" classes
-Introduced me to the nectar of the Gods, aka: A Refill With Good Ice

3 Favorite Thoughts About my Mom Now That I am a Mom:
-She loves her kids more than anything in the world
-Is proudest of her role as a mom more than any other accomplishments in her life
-Would do anything for her family

Here are some of my favorite photos of her from when she was younger:
Some pictures from her modeling portfolio from her days of modeing in NYC.
My dad made me promise him when I was about 11-years-old, that I would always be close to her.  I have not forgotten my promise.  One thing is clear, my mom loves being a mom and has always reminded me through her example that family is where it's at. 

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Memorable Trip To DC

A few months ago, Romney and I discussed how great it would be if we could take each of the kids on a trip with just the two of us when they turn 12.  We decided that Washington DC would be the perfect place to celebrate Thomas' 12th birthday.

We woke up at 4:20 AM last Wednesday in order to make our 6:00 AM flight.  It was a little painful, but well worth it.  We stepped off the plane and were blasted by the humidity.  This made me realize three things: 1) Low 70s with humidity feels like 90 degrees 2) I realized I had not packed the right clothes 2) I hate humidity.


We successfully jam packed 4 days in that amazing city with as much as our feet and brains could handle.
We started with a trip to the Air & Space Museum.  We loved seeing the history of aviation captured with the display of actual planes and spacecraft. One of our favorite items on display was the monkey that the US used to test the effects of space travel on the body.  Apparently, this little monkey along with a few other choice animals, were launched into space.  The little monkey's corpse is displayed still in his contraption.  It was creepy and hilarious.

We also really enjoyed seeing a Spitfire plane on display.  Romney's grandpa Dwight was shot down in one of these planes during WWII.  He miraculously survived the attack and despite a severe blast to his head, the plane miraculously landed safely.  It is considered a miracle because he landed safely, but when his plane landed, fellow soldiers found him unconscious in the cockpit. 


We toured and walked to every monument we could find including: The Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, WWII, Korea and Vietnam Memorials.

We took a tour of the Capitol, Supreme Court and the spectacular Library of Congress.  It was so inspiring to be in a place where a few select men changed the world.  We saw one of three Gutenberg Bibles in existence and marveled at Thomas Jefferson's personal collection of library books.  It certainly reinforced a deeper respect for learning.


Those who know Thomas, are aware of of passion for architecture.  He has been drawing intricate designs of hotels and luxury homes since he was 10-years-old.  He named his hotel company "Willgin" and has been designing hotels for major cities throughout the world.  His portfolio is growing and his plans for his future seem to undoubtedly involve architecture.

To flame his passion for architecture, Romney contacted his college friend David Marriott to see if he could give Thomas some kind of VIP tour of the Marriott headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland.  David came through and exceeded our expectations.  He and his brother-in-law Ron, head of Architecture Department for Marriott corporate gave Thomas a once-in-a-lifetime tour of Marriott's Architecture Department.

We were able to tour the basement where we were able to see mock-up rooms of the various hotel brands that belong to the Marriott hotel chain family.  This demonstrated how the room designs are selected and the thought planning behind the layout and design of each room.

Thomas was then taken to the media section where hundreds of cubicles and computer graphic designers create the facade, lobbies and room designs with expensive 3D computer programs.  Thomas was even allowed to play on some of the computers.

(The Marriott flag on the bottom right was retrieved from the roof of the Marriott hotel that was destroyed when the twin towers collapsed on Sept 11th.  The edges are frayed and burned.  Miraculously all guest survived, but two Marriott employees did not make it out alive.  One of them was last seen running through the lobby making sure that everyone else had left safely.) 

It was unreal and we could not believe how inspiring it was.  Ron thoughtfully told Thomas to call him in 12 years. I have no doubt that Thomas will take him up on that offer.


Another highlight of the trip was taking Thomas to the Washington DC temple.  My sister Marisa was able to provide several names of deceased family members so that we could do baptisms with Thomas.  It was really great and something I am sure we will never forget.


On our last morning, we walked through historic Arlington Cemetery.  That is such a remarkable place that instills such a respect for our soldiers and our country.  We visited the tomb of the unknown soldier and timed it so that we could see the famous changing of the guard ceremony. 


We ended our trip with a drive to Mt. Vernon.  It was the perfect way to end our trip.  Romney and I had never seen  it before and we were all in awe of the setting and beauty of the home and surroundings.  The tour was remarkable and most of the furnishings are original including the bed where George Washington died in 1799.  It was so beautiful and was a highlight for all of us.


Wow, what a trip.  We miraculously made our flight.  They closed the door to the plane 2 minutes after Romney ran on board.  

My legs still ache and I laugh as I think of Romney saying over and over that, "His dogs were barkin."  We laughed and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed our time together.  We made memories that will hopefully last a lifetime...(and also get us through the challenging teenage years ahead of us! Please Thomas remember that we are friends!!)

We feel blessed that we were able to have this experience and also that our kids were in good hands.  It was a great trip, but were reminded once again how great it is to be home! We came home and were welcomed by this happy scene...

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