Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I have never really been a fan of U2.  {Warning...the following childhood story might be offensive to U2 fans.}  When I was in 8th grade, I was so unimpressed with the overly popular U2 song "With or Without You" that I actually convinced my classmates to change the theme song for the 8th grade dance to the Kenny Loggin's song, "Meet Me Half Way." {I know...I am sorry U2 fans...but I did warn you.}

Romney on the other hand has loved U2 since he was in 7th grade.  He still vividly remembers where he was and pretty much what he was wearing the first time he heard their music and he knew that the unique sound of a little quartet from Dublin had changed his life.

Well...I confess that after Romney took me to the U2 concert on Saturday night, I get it.  U2 pretty much rules the rock world.  Wow is all I can say!!

We had general admission tickets and stood about 20 feet away from the stage.  It was spectacular.

Denver Post Photo

 The opening act was The Fray.  They sounded incredible live.

Denver Post Photo

Then U2 took the stage.  It was amazing.  Romney kept laughing at me for saying this, but I was shocked when I realized that there were only 4 people in the band.  How can only 4 people create that sound???

Bono was such a cool guy.  He ruled the stage and his swagger was so great.  How many 50+ year old men can get away with that?

Denver Post Photo

Denver Post Photo

Denver Post Photo

This was taken with my phone.  We were this close.  Amazing.
It is nice to grow up.  Thank you Romney for helping me acquire a taste for U2.  (I think he is glad that I didn't try to convince him to save our money and buy tickets to a Kenny Loggin's concert instead.  I am pretty sure it would have been a much different experience).

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