Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

I turned 38 yesterday.  Romney was feeling pretty bad that he has had to work so much and his plans to take me to Denver for the weekend fell through.  He was worried that I was going to have a dumb birthday.  He was wrong.

We put an offer on a home...(we feel a little bad that we gave a low ball offer...well okay, not that bad...), but our offer was accepted and we move into this home in a month!!  "Welcome Home" is almost a realty!!

I told Romney that it is going to be a little hard to compete with this present in the future, but I told him that he can of course still try...(just kidding).


  1. Happy Birthday Alecia! And what an adorable home!!!!! I can't wait to see pics! I am so happy for you to finally find that stability. Have a great b-day weekend!

  2. It's no Perkins Street but looks like a great house!


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