Monday, November 29, 2010

Back to Life

We survived our trip to Utah...barely.  We all got sick.  The stomach flu went though every one of us including my siblings and their kids and my mom and dad.  Our week was literally spent on my parent's couch and taking breaks to wash sheets, towels and clothes.  Dumb.  My kids feel a little sad that we only did 2 things on their list of "musts" in Utah, but oh well.

We drove home late Saturday and were able to miss a major snow storm that would have made the drive a  nightmare.  Romney drove the whole way.  We were really sad however, because in order to miss the storm, we had to miss a gathering with some of our dearest friends from Boston who we have not seen in years.  Too bad.

Despite the sickness, we were still able to enjoy some quality time with family.  Here are some of the highlights: 

My Amazing Parents
Preparing for the Thanksgiving Meal (Savanna, Christian, Mom, Dad, Lauren & Thomas)
Six of Eight Siblings (Savanna, Kara, Eliza, Marisa, Christian)

All 16 Williams grandkids with Nan & Dwight
Girl Cousin Sleepover at Nana & Grandpa Dewey's House
Enjoying a Jazz Game with my darling Dad

We are now home and are slowly coming back to life.  We somehow woke up in time for the kids to take the 6:58 AM.  (Miracle). Our trip was great and we loved being surrounded by family and to have the opportunity to remember our bounteous blessings with people we adore. 

I guess it is time to bring out the tree???

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  1. You missed a fun get-together. I was so bummed you couldn't make it. Hooray for Boston friends!


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