Friday, November 5, 2010

4-Year-Olds Tell It Like It Is

I have always been fairly particular about my hair.  This is not to say that I have not had my share of bad haircuts and let's be honest, bad hair colors...most notably grades 8th-10th. (Thank you again Marisa for experimenting with "sun-kissed highlights" and learning that Hydrogen Peroxide is not the same stuff the professionals use. Ouch!)

No, I will not post pictures...

Since we moved to Colorado, I have had two bad haircuts and two bad hair colors. It is not too obvious to other people, but something has just been wrong and I am going crazy.  I don't feel myself and in an attempt to stop obsessing, I am dealing with it and trying to tell myself no one else can see what I am freaking out about. 

We are going to Utah in a few weeks for Thanksgiving, so I decided that rather than attempt another local stylist failure, I was just going to wait it out and let the Utah stylists aka "Hair Magicians" fix it when we go home.  However, truth be told, my color is terrible and in certain lighting, there is a hazy red tone, but no one can see it right???

Well this morning, Sophie drew this picture of me....  Her finishing touch was a nice red halo around my head.  I asked her what that was and she quickly responded, "It's your hair mommy.  It's black and red." 


It goes without saying that I just returned from the salon and although it is not perfect, at least the red halo is gone.  Thank you Sophie!!


  1. That is Hysterical! Kids are so brutally honest sometimes. I'm sure your hair is fine. Did you ever get my text of that color my friend recommended?
    Recently, I fixed my old roommate's hair after she went through three years of bad cuts and colors from various stylists in upstate NY. Apparently nobody outside of Utah knows how to do hair correctly.

  2. What's wrong with red hair?!? :)


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