Monday, November 8, 2010

A Cozy Sunday Gift

Yesterday after we got home from church, Romney pulled all the kids into a bedroom and shut the door.  A few minutes later, I was basically tackled with hugs and ordered to get cozy in my PJs.  The covers on by bed were pulled back and I was presented with a diet coke and told to get in bed and relax.  Bliss.  It took me a minute to give in and allow myself to enjoy the gift I was given, but I finally did and I spent a couple of hours to myself.  I read a great book and I slept.  It was heaven.  At one point, cute Christian even came in and turned up my electric blanket to a 3.  He said, "Here mom, that is so you can be extra cozy."  It was so sweet.

It was such a thoughtful gesture for Romney to do that for me.  He just gets me and understands that sometimes a closed door and a fluffy bed and of course a diet coke, is all that is needed to reboot to my "Mom System."

It was interesting however,because as I laid there enjoying the warmth and quiet, I could hear the laughter of Romney and the kids in the other room and I actually felt a little jealous of what I heard happening outside my bedroom door.  They were playing games and it was obvious that the kids were in heaven.  They had their dad all to themselves.  No cell phone.  No TV and let's be honest, no mom.

In giving me that cozy time to myself to reboot, it was more than the quiet and relaxation that gave me the strength and determination to be a better mom this week.  It was hearing Romney choosing to spend time with his kids and the sounds of happiness coming from kids who felt loved.

It was a good reminder.  Thank you Romney for the "reboot" in so many ways....xoxoxo

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