Friday, November 12, 2010

First Snow & Taylor Swift

It is cold here.
It snowed yesterday.
It was freezing.
No was miserable.  I even sent Romney a text asking him if we were serious about this "Colorado Thing."  I am normally not such a wimp.  In fact, Romney was quick to remind me that I am the one who says I love having 4 seasons and he is right, I do, but it was a shock to my system.

The kids however, were totally unaffected by the bitter cold and they went outside and had a blast.  There was light snow accumulation and I sort of laughed when the kids said that they wanted to build a snowman.  I tried to talk them out of it and to stay inside where it was warm.  They just stared at me like I was speaking a different language.  They thought I was nuts.  They found their boots, hats and gloves and somehow found enough snow to build this little buddy.

Thomas has always been so creative with the stuff he uses for a snowman's face.  (One year he used a hot dog for a nose.)  I comfortably watched the kids from the living room window.  They enjoyed the snow much more than I did...why are grownups such pansies??

Sophie has also discovered a new love in her life....Taylor Swift.  She is crazy about her.  Lauren bought the new Taylor Swift CD last week and let's just say that Sophie is obsessed.  She has listened to the CD dozens of times and has nearly memorized all of the songs.

The other day while the kids were at school, Sophie set up a "stage" on the living room floor and danced and sang for hours to her baby doll.

I love the things she used for her stage.  (Plates, a book, play food, a plastic french fry, a bag of Cheetos, Lauren's old boots, a ballet shoe, a pumpkin, a dress-up shoe, etc.) Heaven!

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