Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A First & A Last

Yesterday was a first for Sophie.  Her first field trip.  First bus ride.  First.

Yesterday was a last for me.  Last Kindergarten field trip.  Last kid I'll experience freaking out with excitement to ride a bus.  Last.

(Sorry, I am feeling a little sentimental that I am "graduating" to a new phase of motherhood.  A wonderful and still enriching phase, but a different stage nonetheless).

Despite my nostalgia, yesterday was so great.  Sophie's class got to go to a local pumpkin patch for a day on the farm.  It was so fun and we had so much fun together.

We rode on a hayride pulled by a tractor, picked our own pumpkins right off the vine, played in a corn maze and pet some fidgety goats.

We ended our date at Chick Fil A with some other moms who are also "graduating" with their last kindergartener.  So fun.


It was a perfect day.

I am finally feeling better.  My back is healing.  I found out that I tore a muscle in my back.  I have had to literally stop all activity, but I am getting stronger everyday.  I feel that it is a great sign that I am no longer aware when the next 4-6 hours has arrived for another round of ibuprofen.

So...I guess I am not a granny afterall...well, at least I was thinking that until last night.  Sophie and I were watching TV and a lady in her late 60's/early 70's came on the screen. Sophie told me that I kind of look like her.  I asked her, "Really?"  She replied, "Yeah mom, your skin is getting all wrinkly like hers."


Thanks for that Sophie!! The joy of motherhood......

(I guess my years of perfectly bronzed skin is catching up with me???)

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