Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Treats

I LOVE HALLOWEEN!  Why exactly I am not sure.  Every once in a while I drive around and see the creepy decorations splattered all over people's yards and I wonder how we got here.  Decorations like: dead bodies, skeletons, death, ghosts, guts, brains, bloody weapons, headstones, graves, creepiness.  Every once in a while, I can't help but think that Halloween is the strangest thing ever.

Nonetheless...I love it.

Tonight Romney and I have been invited to an adult only Costume Party.  I have been asked to bring a dessert of some kind.  Instead of resorting to my usual browies or chocolate chip cookies, I decided to make it a little more fun and have decided to make Eyeball Cakebites.  I have never made cake bites before....this should be interesting.

I found a website full of darling and creative Halloween Treats.  The site is  (There are recipes and instructions for each of these treats on that site).

Here are a few of my favorites:

Forked Eyeball Cake Pops

String Cheese Fingers with Green Pepper Fingernails
Carrot Fingers

Apple Mouth Bites

Skeleton Gingerbread Cookies

Happy Halloweening!

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