Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting Old and Life Lessons

I have injured my back.  I am not sure how it happened, but I am in pain...a lot of pain.  It started about 10 days ago.  I moan.  I wobble.  I feel old.

Alecia at 38 years old.
I went to a chiropractor for the first time ever.  That was interesting.  The best thing was getting samples for this Bengay type stuff.  I learned that the heating pads and long baths were not the right approach.  So now I am glued to my ice pack and I smell like Mentholatum. Am I going to be one of those ladies who takes a pillow with me wherever I go?

Between Romney's aching knees and my bad back, we now make a lovely, going to bed early, propped up with pillows kind of couple.  WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED??

Except for my back, things are going well in the Williams' household.  The kids are getting settled into their routines and homework at night is getting less painful.  (Thank the good heavens above for Romney and his patience and ability to do math with the kids).

Lauren tried out for another musical.  A local theater company is putting on the play Seussical.  I have no idea what it is about, but she wanted to be a part of it, so she tried out and got the part of a "Who."  The cast and most of the speaking parts went to high school aged kids.  She was a little disappointed, but I guess after "Annie," anything will be a let down.  She is having fun.  The performances are in November.

The same week at school, she also tried out for a group at school called Percussions.  It is a really impressive musical group that plays all different kinds of drums.  We went to a couple of their performances last year.  I was blown away.  She has wanted to be a part of it for over a year.

She tried out.  She did not make it.

She was so sad.  I felt so bad for her.  No matter what I said, I couldn't help her feel okay.  I tried to help her focus on the positive, but she just looked at me like I don't get it.  Maybe I don't.

As her mom, I just wanted her to realize how talented she is and to focus on all that she has going for her. She couldn't see it.  It kind of broke my heart for her to experience a "real life, grown-up" disappointment.  Disappointments are a part of life, but focusing on the disappointment can be devastating.

She is finally over the pain and now actually feels happy for her friends that got in.  Valuable life lessons, but we both still agree that getting older can suck sometimes.


  1. Sorry about your back; I'm sending you a virtual casserole!

  2. Thanks for the virtual casserole, but you know I prefer cold spaghetti salad. :)

  3. Oh, I'm sorry, I hope you feel better! I understand how you feel. Today I started getting this shooting pain up the left side of my back when I walk up the stairs. Being pregnant in your 30's is not as cool as being pregnant in your 20's. :)


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