Monday, September 26, 2011

A Whirlwind Trip to Utah

I got to go to Salt Lake City for the least I think I was there...?  It went by so fast.  I arrived late Friday afternoon, drove to Logan on Friday night for my cousin's  Saturday wedding, raced
back to SLC for the evening reception and then flew home Sunday.

Whew, that was kind of a blur.

The leaves were starting to change.  It was a beautiful weekend.  This view of Mt. Olympus always takes my breath away.

My cousin Riley got married.  He has waited a long time to meet this amazing girl Georgann.  I knew that I had to be there to celebrate.  Thank you Romney for taking over all the craziness of our family's schedule, so I could leave and thoroughly enjoy a little break.

My parents look pretty freaking amazing.  I am hopeful that I age as well as they do.
My darling parents with my Dad's aunt Lucy.  She was my late Grandma Margie's dear sister.  My grandma passed away from cancer in 1994.  We realized that if she were still alive, she would be 91.  All grandparents on both sides of my family have passed away and at events like the past two weddings, we realize how much they are still sorely missed.


My dad grew up in Logan, Utah surrounded by grandparents, aunts, uncles and dozens of cousins.  I have countless memories of him recounting the stories of his childhood and the sweet experiences he had that seemed to be taken right out of the movie "A Christmas Story."  Sometimes I picture him as Ralphie.

One of the most retold stories of his youth was when he rescued a childhood friend who slipped and fell into the fast moving canal.  My dad was five years old and his friend Paul was 4.  Paul slipped into the canal and thanks to my dad's quick instincts, he ran and got help.  Paul's lifeless body was pulled out several blocks away, but the ambulance was able to resuscitate him.  My dad was labeled a hero and his story was even mentioned in the Salt Lake Newspaper.

I was so looking forward to being in Logan with him so that we could take pictures in front of these "famous" places.

The place where "Paul Fell in the Water."

This was his elementary school.
After a pleasant afternoon in Logan, and a few hours getting a peek at my sister Kara's new life in Ogden, we all sped to Salt Lake City for the reception and enjoyed a perfect evening with family and good food.

Kara, Savanna, Alecia and Christian

The weekend was great.  Even though I am still quite gimpy with my "old lady" back pains, we jam packed a lot into those few days.  We ate plenty of delicious food and I got my fill of perfectly blended Diet Coke refills with pellet ice.  YUM!!

Plus, I am reminded again not only how much I adore my family, but also how blessed I am to come home to my own.  I am blessed.

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