Wednesday, December 22, 2010


My mom loves old movies.  She loved to watch them with us, always certain that we would feel the magic for the classics.  Thanks to her, I have seen dozens of old movies. 

When Albert Finney stared in the 1970 movie Scrooge, it was instantly added to my mom's list of all time favorite Christmas movies.

I watched it yesterday with my kids and laughed as I found myself playing the role of my mom.  It is a great show and although it can be a little slow at times, it is endearing and well-worth it.

One of my favorite lines of the movie is the morning Scrooge wakes up and realizes that he has been given a second chance to change his ways.  He says:

I will start anew
I will make amends 
and I will make quite certain 
that the story ends on a note of hope 
on a strong amen 
and I'll thank the world and remember 
when I was able to begin again! 

Thank you Charles Dickens for a life-changing story and thank you mom for introducing me to old and wonderful things!

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