Tuesday, December 14, 2010


As a child, Christmas was truly magic for me.  The lights, the list, the presents and Santa would turn my stomach to butterflies. One of my favorite memories involved two elves named Jingle & Jangle that Santa had assigned to watch over our family.  These elves would watch us throughout the month and my mom was always quick to remind us that the elves were watching.  Again, butterflies.  On Christmas Eve, these two elves would deliver a bag on the front porch filled with brand new Christmas pajamas.  There was nothing like hearing those bells on the front porch and the screams that would follow as we opened the packages.

A couple of years ago, an elf that my kids endearingly named "Buddy" showed up on December 1st.  He is a magical elf that sometimes moves throughout the house and hides as he peeks on the kids.  (We are pretty sure that he picked up the flu with the rest of us, because he seemed to stay in one place for the last few days.)  Below are some of the places we have seen him hiding.

Romney and I are doing our best to help the kids focus on the true meaning of Christmas.  My Relief Society put together a little advent book with one-two verses of different stories and miracles of the Savior's life for each day of the month. Every night we have tried to read the scriptures and talk about the life of the Savior. 

It has been a fun tradition and I hope to make it a permanent part of our holiday traditions.

But I will say that the magical side of Christmas is just as important to our family traditions. 

Sophie found Buddy hiding on the top of the lamp this morning.  I think the look in her eyes captures that she has butterflies too.  Perfect.


  1. I don't know if you know this but ever since we spent Christmas Eve with you Jingle and Jangle have been following our family around too. Love the tradition and the kids get so excited. We have even spread the love with various families - Jingle and Jangle always seem to know what kids are going to be at our house Christmas Eve.

  2. Did someone poke Buddy's eye out?!?

  3. Cute little Buddy! Our little elf happens to be named "Steve", by the kids...great Christmas name, I know!

  4. I love the pictures of Buddy hanging upside down and peeking out of the couch. Luckily for Buddy and your kids, your elf has the same personality as your kids. :)

  5. What happened to Buddy's eye? It looks like he was one of the poor kids on Slumdog Millionaire.

  6. Buddy's eye? I had to look and re-look at the pictures several times to see what you are talking about. That is a lovely red headed curl that is covering his eye in some of the pictures. (Nothing against red heads QP) The curly lock has been stretched over time and it is now too long.


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