Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Greetings

Christmas cards are out.  That is always a relief.  Every year I promise myself that I am going to be on top of things and not allow myself to get stressed out by the demands of the holiday season and for what ever reason, so far this year, I have been able to do just that.  Not that I am claiming to be Martha, but, the shopping is done, my cupboards are stuffed with baking supplies and I have one item left to assemble and wrap.  What is wrong with me?? (Well, I am quickly reminded that I am not Martha when I see that I accidentally put that Sophie is 6 on our card.  I guess that a little dose of embarrassing humility never hurt anyone...)

It has been an amazing year and we have so much to be grateful for.  We have felt the Lord's hand protecting us in countless ways.  Here are a few of the things that top my list of things on my 2010 grateful tree:

1) After a year and half of stress and anxiety, a job.

2) I am so happy for Romney.  It seems like it has been years since he has been able to work for a company that appreciates his talents and recognizes him for his abilities and integrity.

3) I am grateful for a healthy body.  We have had several friends who have been challenged and ultimately defeated by debilitating diseases and sickness.  And after having been sick a few times this year, I am reminded of the gift of an able body and mind.

4) I am grateful for laughter.  I love hearing my kids laugh.  I also love staying up in bed and laughing to the point of tears with my love, Romney.

5) I am grateful for the power of prayer.  We have witnessed miracles that hopefully have changed our lives and perspective forever.

6) I have been blessed with amazing parents who are unceasingly supportive and still believe that I can do anything with my life.

7) I love my siblings.  I love that when we are together, we are instantly reminded of how much we love each other.  There is never a need to warm-up or catch up.

8) I love my in-laws.  Romney's parents did a phenomenal job raising a son with such a kind and loving heart and I get to be the recipient of it for the rest of my life. His siblings are amazing.  I love the laughter that is inevitable when we are all together.

9) I am grateful for my kids.  I have a lot to learn from their enthusiasm and love for life.

10) As Lauren so beautifully acknowledged at Thanksgiving on our Grateful Tree, I too, am grateful for second chances.

I hope this week is filled with the magic of the season.  Merry Christmas & Memory Making!


  1. I thought you had twins when I saw your card. :) What a nice list for your grateful tree. And, your card is one of my faves. I'm working on mine...

  2. I totally missed that you put 6 as Sophie's age...hilarious!


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