Friday, July 15, 2011


Well, a lot has been going on around here.  For starters, we bought our house and moved in.  We had a really quick closing...less than 30 days.  I only panicked once...okay more like 22...about buying a home in this economy.  The news and headlines of a double recession didn't help my anxiety, but Romney in his calm and loving way reminded me that we had been blessed with a really calm assurance that we were making the right choice for our family.  (I always thank him for being the calm one, the good looking one and the wise one.)

Now that we are here, I know he was right.  We are really enjoying our new lives and we could not have asked for better neighbors.  Our neighbor next door has already proposed that we install a gate in the fence so that the kids can go back and forth easier from our yard to theirs.  Perfect.

My mom and siblings have been begging for some pictures, so here are a few.

I am still getting pictures up on the walls and trying to personalize the house to make it our own, but so far we are all adjusting well.

 It feels good to finally be home.  I just pray now that we will all bloom where we are planted.


  1. It's a beautiful home! Did you use a spray gun when you painted?!? I love all the windows.

  2. Thank you for finally posting pictures of your new place. It looks so cozy & nice. I love it. Now I just need to see it in person...sooner than later. I bet your kids are loving their big rooms. We miss you guys terribly, but looks as if all is well in CO. xoxo

  3. It's so you. Perfect and classy!


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