Friday, June 3, 2011

Pinkalicous Party for Sophie

Sophie turned 5 last week and she got to have her very first friend birthday party.  It was really fun and we decided to call it a "Pinkalicious" party.  The book Pinkalicious is one of Sophie's all-time favorites--a story about a girl who despite her parent's refusal, eats too many pink cupcakes and actually turns pink. (I love reading this with her.  She squeals with delight every time).

Last year for Lauren's 9th birthday, we did a similar party theme.  I made aprons for all 11 of her friends and although it was really fun, it was a lot of work for me.  So much work that I vowed I would never do that again, but low and behold, I found myself trying not to curse on my sewing machine doing the exact same thing this year for Sophie's party!!  This time however, was much easier.

We started the party with Lauren reading the story to the girls.

We played a little freeze dance and then "Pin the Cupcake on Sophie."  I had a photo of her blown up at Staples and the kids took turns sticking the cupcake on Sophie's mouth.  It was really fun.

Then it was time to decorate cupcakes...well okay, this year I simplified and had the girls decorate sugar cookies instead of jumbo cupcakes.  They loved it and the cookies all turned out so cute.

What girl party is complete without a little face painting?

It was a really fun party.  The stress level was low...probably because only 4 friends showed much for RSVPs.  Sophie loved every second of it and she felt like a princess, so mission accomplished.  Lauren was a life saver and she was there every step of the way to make sure that the girls were having fun.

Overall, it was Pinkalicious Perfection.  Happy Birthday Sophie!!! xoxo

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