Friday, July 15, 2011

Some summer highlights...

For the 4th of July, my parents wanted to get us all together, so they rented a cabin in Steamboat Springs, CO.  It was an absolutely beautiful town nestled in the Rocky mountains.  We were all able to make the trip and we soaked up every second together and all but one sister and her family and one sister-in-law and one brother-in-law.  (I won't mention names, but these individuals are also known as "The Party Poopers"...jk). 

In true Thompson fashion, there was lots of laughing, tons of good food, plenty of Diet Coke...or as Rick says, "Thompson Water," and oodles of cousin time.

A few miles from the house where we stayed was a beautiful waterfall called, "Fish Creek Falls".  A few of us made the trip and it was absolutely spectacular.  The water runoff from the melting snow surged the water to an unbelievably high level.  It was so intense and absolutely breathtaking.

I overheard other hikers saying that his waterfall is the image that is used on the Coors can.  Not sure, but it does make for an interesting story.

One of the highlights of the trip was that my darling sister Kara got engaged.  She met an amazing guy Adam several months ago and we have been crossing our fingers for them ever since.  They had spent a week together in Southern California with his family and immediately after getting off the plane, they drove the long drive to Steamboat to spend some time with the family.  Adam thought it would be nice for Kara and all of us if he proposed in Steamboat.  He whisked her away one evening and surprised Kara with a beautiful engagement ring that his grandma wore for her whole life.

We all cheered when they came walking in with the amazing news.  Adam is perfect and he is wonderful addition to our family.  CONGRATULTIONS!!!! (Since McSean and Kera's family are here in the U.S. until August 30th before they head back to Abu Dhabi, the wedding date is set for August 27th.) So fun.

Thank you Mom and Dad for an incredible weekend of fun and memories.  We loved every second of it and can't thank you enough for making that possible for all of us.

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