Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I hope it's okay to brag about this one....

At the end of last November, Lauren brought home a flier announcing district-wide auditions for the play Annie.  Lauren said that she wanted to try out and I figured why not.  Several weeks later, we showed up and were clearly novices surrounded by 90+ girls, many who had been professionally trained, all clamoring for a part in the beloved musical. (The only thing we did to prepare for Lauren's first acting experience was to watch the 1981 movie "Annie" a few days earlier...)

Well, as I already mentioned here, after hours of auditions and a call back a few days later, Lauren was offered the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play the leading role of Annie.  The practices have been long and hard, 3-hours a day M-F since last January, but her attitude has been remarkable.  She has never made one complaint about the demanding schedule.

The "Annie" production was last week and it was incredible.   I could not be prouder of my little girl who was given the chance to bloom in a way that blew my mind.  She was amazing and I am still in awe of her confidence and ability.

Sorry to appear boastful, but it was an extremely proud moment for me.  Here are a few highlights of the show.




Lauren with the director Rene Dill.  Rene played "Annie" at this same high school when she was 11 years old.  Lauren got to wear the same red dress she wore when Rene played the part.

It was an amazing experience for all of us.  She was great and won the hearts of her audiences...standing ovations, autographs and countless photos and not to mention the front page of a local paper.

Congratulations to my darling Lauren!!  Now...if we can somehow get these songs out of our heads!!!


  1. What a star!! It was so fun to see the pictures, I'm so happy you shared!!

  2. Next up: Broadway!

    That's so cool. I wish I could have seen the play. What an unbelievable experience for her!

  3. How fun for you and Lauren. Amazing! She looks absolutely perfect for the part.

  4. What fabulous face expressions. I so want to hear her singing as I look at the photos. Ruby's going to love looking over these. Way to go Lauren! To think, I knew her when . . .

  5. OK. I am dying. You can tell she was amazing just from the photos. LOVE this! I can just hear her belting TOMORROW, TOMORROW!!! And, I LOVE the pic of her giving autographs. Fantastic. Congrats you guys.

  6. You have every right to brag about this. She looks adorable! My mom & dad can't stop talking about it. I'm so bummed we missed it! can't wait to see the dvd. What's next for Lauren?? :)

  7. I can tell from the pictures how amazing she was! You and Romney should brag about her. You have a little star for a daughter. I wouldn't be surprized if she followed in her dad's footsteps and becomes a movie star!! ;)

  8. Alecia and Romney, I saw your post on Facebook. What a star you have in the making!!! Alecia, you have every right to "brag"!! How darling she is and the pictures are as cute as can be be! How Aunt Helen would have loved to have seen her! Say "Hi" to all your family!



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