Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Except for the fact that it snowed and we had a fire burning the whole weekend, we had a really nice Easter.  Nan and Dwight came to town for a few days in order to be here for Thomas' priesthood ordination on Sunday.  It was a really special occasion for Thomas and as well as for all of us.  It gives me a strange feeling to think that I have a 12-year-old son.  I remember vividly having crushes on the boys that would pass the sacrament each I have one of those cute boys?? Help.


We did the traditional Easter egg hunt and although I had real plans this year to separate the "bunny factor" from the sacredness of Easter morning and had planned to do the basket/egg thing on Saturday, plans just did not work out, so we did it on Sunday, but it ended up being a really nice Easter morning...candy, eggs, basket, bunny and all.

The Rabbit was pretty nice to the adults this year.  He brought ice cold Diet Cokes...he even remembered Nan and Dwight.


We had a really nice visit with Nan and Dwight.  We ate yummy food including a BBQ restaurant and the never disappointing favorite, The Cheesecake Factory. YUMMMM!!!

We have been a little spoiled the past few weeks with so many visits from family.  We are about to enter a visitor drought season, so we are extending an invitation to all those we love to pay a visit to "Hotel Williams" in Denver....anyone??


  1. Yep, you have one of those cute boys. :)

    Don't tempt me with Denver.

  2. Congrats to Thomas! Looks like you guys had a great weekend! Wish the Eater Bunny brought me Diet Coke...


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