Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tubing Adventure

Last week was a little rough...
   2 Snow Days
+ 2 Days off for Parent Teacher Conferences
+ Unbelievably cold weather (highs of -6) 
=  Being stuck inside with plenty of together time...translated, too much together time. 

The kids were suffering from cabin fever.  The claustrophobia and boredom led to too much TV watching and computer time, which of course led to plenty of sibling bickering.  Fun.

Keystone Resort, CO
Romney decided to take a much needed day off on Friday.  To take advantage of the beautiful snow and in an attempt to remind ourselves...mostly Romney....that we "love" winter, we took the kids on a really fun tubing adventure at a local ski resort.

Keystone is about 2 hours away in a charming little area nestled in the canyons.  They have a tubing hill with raving reviews, so we figured that since none of us have any ski equipment, tubing was the next best thing. 

The drive was little crazy.  We followed the directions on Mapquest which recommended we take "Loveland Pass."  Little did we know that this pass would take us up a winding and very steep mountain climb with sharp cliffs on one side and 15 foot wall of snow drifts on the other. 

The peak was 11,990 feet.  It was a little scary as we realized we were probably in the abominable snow man's front yard....but we made it and tubing in Keystone was a blast...even Sophie was tall enough to participate.

Internet Photos of Keystone Tubing Hill
We rode a gondola to the top of the ski resort and from there we found our tubes and enjoyed an afternoon of fun.  Each person had to ride their own tube, but we were allowed to go down in groups of up to four people. 

There were six groomed lanes and a magic carpet that would take us back up the hill. 

The first ride down was a little scary and Sophie was sure that I was pulling her to her death, but we all ended up loving it. 

Not knowing how it would be, I decided to leave my camera in the car at the bottom of the hill.  Too bad because it would have been very easy to keep my camera safe, so please excuse the borrowed photos from the internet. 

Although I am not sure that Romney is convinced...yet...that he "loves" winter, we had a great day and it was a perfect winter memory.

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  1. How fun! I bet the kids loved that!
    I know- map services really need to come up with an algorithm that factors in safety, not just the shortest route.


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