Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Homecoming!

My youngest brother McCormack gets home today.  He has been serving a full-time mission for our church in Raleigh North Carolina Spanish Speaking.  He has been gone for two years.  We have missed him terribly, but it has been so amazing to follow him on his mission.  He has had experiences that have changed him forever.  I know without a doubt that there is nothing else he could have done at home that would have enriched his life the way this experience did.

When Romney and I were dating, I went with him to his Geneva, Switzerland mission reunion.  At this particular reunion, a member who Romney taught was there.  She was an elderly Swiss woman with a heavy french accent.  When she saw Romney, she took him in her arms and she tearfully thanked him for his mission.  She said, "Thank you Elder Williams.  Thank you.  I will be eternally grateful to you for finding me."

I was blown away by her sincerity and the magnitude of what his time as a missionary meant to this woman.

When I was on my way home from my 18-month mission in Germany, my sweet grandma Helen had a little letter waiting for me in the mission home office.  She wrote that it was to be opened on the airplane.  When I opened it, she simply wrote, "Well done thou good and faithful servant..."  (She also sent two $1 bills and told me to use the money to buy myself a Coke in for her and one for me.  It was so sweet.)

I wrote McCormack and told him that I am sure she wishes she could send him the same letter.  I have no doubt that she must be so proud of him for the way that he so selflessly gave his time and talents these past two years.  We are all so proud of him.

We are excited to have him home and finally have his chair filled again.  Congratulations to my darling brother McCormack.  I know that you too, will have many people who will take you in their arms and tearfully thank you for finding them.

See you tomorrow night!!!

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