Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I think I got the gene...

For those of you who knew my grandma Helen, she was a delight.  She was so full of life and passion for everything she did.  We always teased her that she was a child stuck in a woman's body and she took it as a true compliment...it was.   She played with us and when we were with her, she gave us her full attention.  It was magic.

She loved toys and she LOVED holidays.  It was always so entertaining to go to her house because there was always some crazy toy decoration for every holiday.  She loved things that lit up and especially loved things that made noise.  I don't know where she would go to find these things but she had the most unique collection of dancing santas, snowmen, fish, gorillas, etc.  For Halloween she always brought out the most disgusting, creepy witch sitting in a rocking chair.  When we would walk by this witch, the eyes would light up with red lights and it would begin rocking and making the sickest cackle noise.

My grandma loved this thing and recognized immediately that it was a "treasure" so she bought one for each of her daughters.  My mom must have inherited this same, "I Love Decorations Gene," because she too has a deep love for holidays.

Every year for as long as I can remember, my mom also pulls out her creepy, little witch and sets her up in a prominent place for all her guests to see. Like my grandma, she loves to watch the grandkids get scared to death by this toy.

Confession...I have to say that I have always kind of hated this witch.  She is so sick.  Her face and hands and her sick gray hair!!

And let's just be honest, her cackle might be the most annoying thing ever.

Well several years ago, before she died, I was visiting my grandma at her beloved condo at Old Farm.  She was still in great health and we had just come back from feeding the ducks.  Halloween was in full swing and of course her little witch was set up for the kids to see.  Before I left that day, she offered her little witch for me to keep.  I almost turned it down and told her no, but I did not want to hurt her feelings so I took it.

I remember thinking, why in the world would I want this thing in my house?  But in honor of my grandma and my mom, every year I pull out my little, creepy witch.  As the years have passed, I can't help but laugh as I have noticed that she has gradually found a more prominent place in my living room.  As I watch my kids play with her and squeal to the point that they are scared to death and convinced that she is alive and really watching them, I laugh to think this is exactly what it is for.  Thank you grandma and mom for keeping me young at heart...I get it now and I too, LOVE my witch.

Other than witches and pumpkins, not a lot is happening.  We had a great weekend cuddled up on the couch watching conference.  After priesthood session, we decided it was time for our annual caramel apples.  I added too much water to the melting caramel, so they did not turn out exactly how they should, but don't worry, we still ate them and I am sure our future dentist will thank us.


  1. I love the close-up picture of the witch's hand. The cackley laugh is really annoying but it definitely signals a change in the seasons and what is around the corner...

  2. Dear Alecia,
    The witch story about Grandma made me cry :)
    but you know Alecia...I'm sure you feel the same way.. I feel her presence. It's weird, but I feel like Grandma and Grandpa are pretty close by.
    You are a talented writer. Thanks for sharing this story.


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