Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Everyday is a gift

The other day we were driving home from church and we drove to a section of the road that splits in two ways.  Both roads lead home, but one has proven to be a little faster than the other.  Despite Romney's never ending quest to find the fastest drive home, he took the long way and I turned right.  

I had Lauren and Sophie in the car with me.  As we continued home, I could see up ahead on the opposite side of the road, that there were several police cars surrounding a nice SUV that had been carelessly pulled over.  As we approached, I saw an attractive 40-year-old woman wearing one shoe and stumbling as the officers placed handcuffs on her wrists.  It was obvious that she was either high on something or heavily intoxicated.

I have been thinking about that scene a lot.  I have replayed the "what-ifs" over and over.  What if those officers had not been diligent in keeping our roads safe?  What if my van filled with my precious cargo had been the force to end to her drive that day?  What would Romney have done if I had not pulled in one minute ahead of him?

I guess what it comes down to is that we just never know.  As I drove past that woman, I remember thinking how grateful I was that I got to continue to enjoy that perfect autumn day with crystal blue skies surrounded by my family.  I remember feeling gratitude to those police officers.  I remember feeling gratitude that I got to make it home to my family, my plans, my life. Oddly enough, I was grateful that this woman was in a police station hopefully on a path to get some help.  I was grateful that her actions did not involve a horrific tragedy.

I read this article last night in the Salt Lake Tribune and my stomach dropped.
Life is fragile.  I am trying to remind myself as often as possible that everyday is a gift and that life is meant to be enjoyed.  I think that the dishes can wait...Sophie is saying that she wants to read books.

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  1. I hear of people thinking it is either funny that they drive drunk or high or they think they are the exception. It is a tragedy that anyone has to deal with this and I wish the penalties were harsher. Glad you guys were safe!


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