Monday, September 27, 2010

Estes Park...Uh the Williams love nature??

On Saturday, we decided to drive to a place that has been recommended several times since we moved here--Estes Park in Rocky Mountain National Park.  The weather was amazing and the feeling of fall is definitely in the air.  So we loaded up the van and headed to the mountains.  We weren't quite sure what we should see, so we stopped in Estes at the Visitor's Center to get some recommendations.  They suggested an easy hike around Bear Lake and they even offered a free shuttle up the canyon.  Next thing we knew, we were at an altitude of 9500 feet and stepping out into an absolutely spectacular setting. 

It was so beautiful and the smell!...the smell was amazing.  The air was so crisp and clean and smelled like pine trees and wildflowers.  I think my lungs are cleaner just for breathing that in!  These pictures definitely don't do it justice.  We all had a great time and it was the perfect way to welcome fall.  Who knew that the Williams family was so outdoorsy???

It was an amazing day and we loved every second of it, but don't worry...this is as outdoorsy as the Williams get.  We still hate camping and continue to support Romney's stance that camping is, "mocking the homeless."

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