Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Smoke and Gratitude

The air here is smokey.  On Monday, Romney and the kids had planned to go swimming for the last time before the pool closed for winter, but our swimming adventures were stopped when smoke filled the air and the mountains just west of our home were blanketed with a thick, black cloud.  The Boulder mountains are about 20 miles from our home and it is so sad to watch the black smoke continue to rise from those mountains.  The latest reports are that over 7500 acres have burned and at least 100 homes have been destroyed.

As I have watched the news, I can't help but be reminded of how unpredictable life is.  A couple was interviewed and they recounted when they found out just how close the fires were to their home when the winds pushed the flames within 200 feet of their house.  They only had time to grab each other and escape the flames that literally devoured their home a few minutes later.  So sad.

But it is also a commentary on life to watch how we are now getting used to the smell of smoke and ashy skies.  We have moved on and it seems like the horror of the destruction is no longer so alarming.  All of this certainly has made me feel more resolved to be grateful for every day.  There is no way to predict what the winds will bring our way tomorrow.

So today, I want to be more grateful.  Grateful for a happy marriage and happy kids.  Grateful that my kids are still at an age where they like me and need me.  I am grateful that my girls are getting to be such good friends and that behind closed doors, I can hear Lauren tell Sophie that she is beautiful when she dresses up like a princess.  I love how sparkly and squinty Christian's eyes get when he is happy.  I love that Thomas is loving school.  I appreciate that I have a healthy body and can get sweaty in an exercise class. I love that Romney is a hard worker and is one of the most driven people I know. I am grateful.

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  1. Great post Alecia. Thanks for being a fantastic sister!


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