Thursday, September 9, 2010

Preschool for Sophie

Today was the day! Sophie has been begging us to put her in preschool since the day should could talk. We found a darling preschool here in Broomfield and despite being on the wait list, we got in. Romney and I had heard great things about this school and a few months ago when we were here looking for a place to live, we were caught peeking in the windows of this school and after getting an impromptu tour, we knew that it would be the perfect environment for our Sophie.

Sophie has been my little buddy.  She goes with me everywhere I go.  It doesn't matter where I am going, she wants to be with me.  Even if I try to sneak away and run a quick errand, she can always hear that garage door opening and she comes running out to join me.  I am going to miss that.

I guess it is time for her to make new buddies...


  1. Oh I love it. Sweet Sophie. It looks as if she is going to love it. William is jealous of all her classmates. We miss hearing her sweet voice around our house.

  2. How cute is she? I bet she loves it! I miss her!

  3. Love it. I bet she has the best time!


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