Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

My kids came home from school today beaming with smiles.  Their Valentine's boxes were stuffed to the rim with treats and hearts.

Christian's Domo Valentine's Box

Sophie's Valentine Monster Box
Let's be honest, Valentine's Day is kind of a hokey tradition.  The older I get, I realize that this day is not about romance.  It does however, provide an excuse to tell people I adore how much they mean to me.  I feel blessed.


Three years ago today, my family held the funeral for my dear Grandma Helen.  She was such a light to all who knew her.  It was Valentine's Day.  It was the perfect day to honor her valiant life.

It is amazing how much I still miss her.

At the gravesite, my mom and her three sisters provided a bright pink / red balloon for each grand child.  We let them go as we said our final goodbye to a woman who changed each of us.

Valentine's Day is not just about romance...but it is about love.  It is a perfect reminder of my 2012 focus which is l.o.v.e = t.i.m.e.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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