Thursday, February 2, 2012

One pet, two pets, three pets, four...

A few months ago, Lauren's class was studying Anoles.  Lauren asked me if she could put her name in the "Lottery" to adopt one.  I casually said, "Maybe" thinking there was no way I would firmly agree to it and I also figured that with three 5th grade classes, there was no way that her name would be selected.

I was wrong. Lauren's name was chosen and she came home with not one, but two anoles.  As soon as my boys saw them, they went ballistic.  They insisted on "equality" and "fairness," so, long story short, we now have four anoles.

Wow...what just happened?


As I have mentioned in the past, I HATE PETS!!  My kids have been begging for a dog, a snake, and it should be also be mentioned, a panda bear.  I have stood my ground and adamantly said "NO!" every time.  So, it goes without saying, that I laugh to think that there are now 4 green lizards in my house.

But my kids are beyond thrilled.  They absolutely love their little creatures.  They hold them all the time.  They pull them out and let them watch movies with us, they sit on their arms during homework, Lauren has played Bingo with one and all four lizards made the road trip to Utah in a small plastic box.  

The best part?  The kids got their pet and I don't have to do one bloody thing.  No hair, no chewing on furniture, no vet appointments, no house training, no licking and fortunately, no smell.  All that I have to do is go to Petco once a month to buy a container of worms.

Not a bad deal if you asked me.

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  1. I love that pic of Lauren playing bingo! We pet sat for our friends- it was a frog in a plastic water-filled container. All we did was put in 2 little food pellets thru a tiny hole in the top once a day. No cleaning, no maintenance... our kids lost interest after 3 days. Guess we don't need a pet! :)


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