Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year & A Trip to Utah

A few days after Christmas we decided to drive to Utah to spend some time with family.  As the day approached, I'll be honest that I was dreading it.  I did not want to make the long drive, I did not want to pull the kids away from their new presents and quite frankly, I did not feel like being ambitious and a trip to Utah sounded like a lot of work.

When I told everyone that I didn't want to make the drive, the kids cried and Romney laughed at me.  He basically told me that I certainly had "veto power" over our trip if I wanted.  He said that he would support me in whatever I chose, (what a nice guy!)  In the end, I decided to give in and we loaded the car. The next day we took off for Utah.  We left at 11:00 AM instead of 7:00 AM as we had originally planned.  (We are not very good at road trips).

I am glad that no one listened to me.  We had a great time.

The Williams

Lauren & Dwight playing and singing on the piano.


We went to dinner with our parents on New Year's to an amazing restaurant called Asian Star.  Delicious!!  This is the third New Year's Eve we have gone to dinner with both sets and it is a tradition we hope to continue.  (Nan wasn't feeling well, so she  didn't come).  My brother and his girlfriend Sarah joined us, but left before we took the pic.
We welcomed the New Year's with some dear friends.  We all went to bed at 3:00 AM.  Ouch!


It is a New Year's Day Southern Tradition in our family to eat Black Eyed Peas & Rice.  This tradition is supposed to bring good luck for the whole year.  My aunt Teresa made a huge pot and we had a Hop'n John party.

Playing Games with My Family

My family loves to play games.  Last year we experienced a torture-fest also known as Farkle, a game that involves disgusting drinks and food for the loser.  This year we all were too tired for something so aggressive, so we settled on the games "Signs" and "Moffia."  They were perfect games for our huge group.  It was so fun and we laughed until it hurt.

My mom making chocolate chip cookies with the cute girl cousins.
One afternoon we went to a Nickel Arcade with my brothers Christian, McCormack, and my brother-in-law Peter.  The kids loved it!!


We had a really great trip.  We loved seeing our family and getting time with people we adore.  The highlight by far, was that my brother Christian decided to get married to his girlfriend Sarah Olsen.  We met her for the first time and we gave the biggest thumbs up we could.  She is a great girl and we are thrilled that they found each other.  They are a perfect couple and there is no doubt that they will have a great marriage and a very happy life together.

Congratulations Christian and Sarah!!

They are getting married in it looks like another Utah road trip is in our future!!!  (I don't think I will be complaining about this one!!)

Happy New Year!

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