Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Trip to Utah 2011

A couple of weeks ago, the kids and I packed up the van and headed to Utah for our summer trip.  Romney flew in to SLC the following day.  It was so great to be surrounded by the people we love most.  Certainly a good reminder that family is where it is at.

I was able to attend my 20-year high school reunion.  Weird...does this mean that I am an adult??  After seeing some of those old people at my reunion, I guess the answer is yes. I had an amazing time with some of dearest friends.  My stomach still hurts from all the laughing.  I'll post pics and details later.

We were able to spend tons of quality time with family.  One night Nan planned an evening in the mountains in one of our favorite places, Millcreek Canyon.

Evening up Millcreek Canyon

Swimming Party with the Williams

Nan also planned a swimming party and all of Romney's siblings were able to attend.  Even John and Jodie timed a last minute business trip to SLC so that they could be there.

Dinner with the Thompsons

We also made sure to stop at some of our favorite yummy destinations with some of our favorite people.

Christian teaching my Dad how to be "Mini Man."

Favorite Local Gas Station Dave's Shop n' Go
This little gas station sits around the corner from our home in SLC.  They have the best soft serve frozen yogurt and plenty of Dunford Donuts.  We have lots of memories in this place!

A Night at Sugarhouse Park with my Brother Christian

A few years ago, my darling brother Christian organized a family get together at a local park.  He brought a bat and a bag full of balls.  We each took a turn hitting 15 pitches while the others gathered up the balls.  We had such a great time.  We loved it so much that we have tried to make it a summer tradition. This year was no different.  The evening was so beautiful.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE summer nights in Utah?

Sophie demonstrating her nearly perfect cartwheels.  I love how proud she is of herself!

 Silver Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon

One of our favorite ways to enjoy the spectacular mountains in Utah is to take an easy hike/walk around Silver Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon.  This place is so amazing.  I never get sick of it.  The smells are refreshing and the air is rejuvenating.  Some of my siblings joined us and we had a great time.




Perfect Evening at Temple Square

On one of our last nights in Utah, we drove down to Temple Square with my parents and McCormack.  It was a such a perfect way to end our trip.  The setting was amazing and the new temple displays in the Visitor's Center were well worth the trip.

Sorry for the overload of photos.  It was such a great trip and countless memories were made.  Thank you family for making time for us.  We love you!!!!

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