Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Best Mom Award?...Maybe not Today

August 22nd.
We have known about this day for months.
We have dreaded it.
Longed for it.
Anticipated it.
Prepared for it.
August 22nd...the first day of school.

Romney is traveling until Tuesday, so I wanted to be sure to eliminate as much stress as possible for our little family as we jumped back into school, routine, etc., so we were ready.  The kids had their clothes set out.  Their backpacks were stuffed full of all the supplies we have gathered over the last few weeks.  We were all in bed at a decent hour.  We were ready.

Everything was set in motion...until 7:46 this morning.  I woke to Thomas stumbling into my room asking me what time we needed to wake up.  Lauren and Christian were both in bed with me and covering me with their arms and legs.  It was a horrible night and to top things off, my two alarms did not go off.

Let's just say that my stomach dropped as I realized that the last bell rang at 7:45.  We were going to be late on the first day of school.  Barf.  Have I mentioned that we live across the street from the school??  I just about died as I peeked out the window and saw all the nice/"on the ball" parents casually walking back to their cars with their cameras in hand after just dropping their children off at school...on time. 

So, it was not the nostalgic, picture taking, healthy breakfast, calm walk to school morning I had hoped for.  Christian and Lauren were nearly in tears as they felt my stress as I ran like a crazy lady getting them out the door.  I kept laughing and apologizing to them.

I had to do the walk of shame into that school 25 minutes late.  Somehow we made it and the kids ended up having a fantastic day.


Thomas going into the 7th grade.

Lauren our 5th Grader

Christian our 2nd Grader

Sophie started Kindergarten today.  I can hardly believe that my sweet little baby is ready to leave me everyday.  Man I am going to miss my little buddy Sophie.

Let's just hope that this morning is 1) not a reflection of my mothering skills and 2) not an indicator of the type of year that is ahead of us.  We live across the street from the school for crying out loud!!!

Happy First Day of School!


  1. At least you got a laugh out of it! I was thinking about you yesterday wondering how things were going. :)

  2. Oh the feelings of panic! No matter what your morning was like, your kids looked incredibly cute! I can't believe Sophie (and Eliza) are already heading off to Kindergarten!

  3. Can't believe how big your kids are! That must be the difference between the oldest and the youngest- you want Sophie to stay around and I'm pushing Stila out the door! :) j/k

  4. You are a rockstar! So whatever are you going to do with your time?


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