Thursday, March 17, 2011

End of a Season...

Basketball season is over.  Much to Christian's dismay, the NBA did not show up with a contract, but he was not as disappointed as I thought he would be.  He played most of his games with both arms up waiting for a pass, a pass which rarely came, but...he truly loved the experience.

He still uses every second of free time at home in the basement practicing basketball. I love it.  He has now told us that when he grows up, "I am either going to be in the NBA or win American Idol."

Thomas' season is also over.  It was a great year and this basketball season was by far the most positive experience he has had in sports.  His coaches were great and it was so fun to watch his confidence explode.

Congrats T on a great season!!


End of a season.  The weather is warming...bring on the flag football!

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