Friday, August 27, 2010

A Job, a Move & Stability

Colorado State Flag
So, we have moved...again. How can it be that 3 moves ago, I vowed that I had one move left in my body and mind and yet, here we are again? We have dozens of unopened boxes in our basement and my kids are once again the "new kid" at school.

Romney has always apologized that he is a gypsy aka an entrepreneur. But somehow I thought that at the end of our amazing Boston experience 6 years ago, we would be able to settle down and grow up with our Utah. We were there, our family was readily available, easy lunches with high school friends, cousins around the corner, Sunday dinners with in-laws. We had it pretty great....except  the job situation for Romney was far from invigorating and certainly not an ideal situation. So when the opportunity was presented to Romney that he could be the president of a promising start-up with funding and revenue Colorado, I began to understand why Romney apologizes for being an entrepreneur.

Romney took the job working at a company called Lautriv Systems. It is a software company that provides an essential solution for insurance companies. He commuted for a few months and came home on the weekends to help me prepare for yet another open house. The limbo was killing all of us. The housing market in Utah was stagnant and we could not find a home that fit our family's needs. I was wondering if the move was actually going to happen. But we felt the Lord's hand guiding us as we took the leap of faith. We found a perfect home to rent and then, two days before we moved, dreamy renters signed a two-year lease for our home on Kensington Avenue.

Our Home

We now live in a newer subdivision just northwest of Denver. The kids have adjusted incredibly well and thanks to a fantastic ward, we are quickly adjusting to the changes that have come.

They have all made friends. Here are pictures of them on the first day of school. Lauren (4th grade) and Christian (1st grade).

Thomas (6th grade) on his first day. (He was a little reluctant to get out of the car.)

It was such a treat that my parents and my sister Kara and brother Christian were able to come to Denver last weekend for a few days. Months ago, they had purchased tickets to the Denver pre-season game. And much to our surprise, a distant cousin Karen Shuman who lives here in the Denver area, called me a few days before and offered me two tickets to the game. So, Romney and I were able to attend our first NFL game with my family. It was a treat and we all had a great time.

My sister Kara and I have always loved purses. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to purchase another set of purses together from a vendor in downtown Denver. LOVE IT!!

We painfully miss our family in Utah, but know that the closeness we felt while living there will continue, but with just a little more effort. I look forward to sharing our Denver adventures with you and I hope this blog will help tighten the gap that is betweenp us.


  1. I'm so glad you started a blog. What fun pictures and I'm so glad that you are all adjusting well. Make sure you post new pics often. We miss you guys! Love you!

  2. Yo mutha and Eliza are just sitting here reading your blog!! We miss you!! Love the blog, you guys have such a cute family! Love you

    Eliza and Mutah

  3. Hooray for Denver especially because it got you blogging! I can't wait to hear about all your adventures.

  4. I just found your blog from Elisabeth's!! I'm so excited to read about your adventures. We miss you.

  5. Fun, fun pictures! Utah is definitely not the same without you guys, but I am excited to hear about all that you are doing! Love you guys!

  6. Oh my heck your cute dad! I haven't seen him in years. Enjoy'll love being there because you've got your little peeps with you. It won't matter where you are as long as you're together. :)


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